Kicking the “sugar” addiction

The conversation goes like this:

Me: You look great!

Friend: Thanks!

Me: (in my head) That’s it? Didn’t she notice I got a haircut? Plus, my eyeliner went on perfect today, and the scale said I lost 1.2 pounds!


Me: I love you.

Boyfriend, husband, significant other: Aww, that’s really sweet.

Me: (in my head) What?! Why didn’t he say I love you back? Did I do something wrong? But he said I love you yesterday??


Me: I just put up a blog post I worked really hard on.

FB and Twitter: Dead silence.

Me:   😦

You see what I was doing, right?

I was desperately looking for a return on my investment.

I was whoring for compliments.

I needed a little sugar, but all I tasted was the bitterness of my own insecurities.

You see, there was a time I wasn’t genuine in my giving. I was giving just to get. The truth is that depending on other people to validate you is an emotional coaster you don’t want to get on. The co-dependency can be downright crippling. You look good only when someone says you look good. You think you are effective after you get a certain amount of social media attention. When you feel needy, you want to hear I love you  just to make sure you’re worth those three words.

Like a junkie, I was looking everywhere for the high. It was hard to believe me on my own. But my darlings, here’s another truth: you have the power to meet your own needs. Exercising that power takes time and practice.

Start practicing: What if you, for one day, your intention is to PURELY dole out your love, spirit, kindness and joy?

What if you let go of seeking a response? What if you unchained yourself from needing approval?

Feels good, right?

Breath it in, baby.


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  1. I want to rave about this but don’t want to enable your addiction… just kidding. Here’s some sugar for an awesome post!

  2. That was inspiring Cin! Truley….

  3. Ohhh and I gave up sugar for the new year!

  4. So true, Cindy. Giving from the heart means giving with no strings attached.

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