Sexy is a mindset

I recently saw a young woman who was doing her job of answering phones and running between offices while I was in a waiting area. She wore a pretty top accessorized with a trendy silver necklace, tight jeans and high heels. Her long wavy hair flowed nicely.  Her makeup was maybe just a tad overdone, but overall she was fairly well put together.

But it was something else she was “wearing” that caught my eye more than anything else: Insecurity. Her self-consciousness stuck out like a now-gross pink neon shirt from the ’80s.

She was aiming for cool and sexy. She was everything but.

She walked a little too slow, like she was having a hard time balancing in her shoes. She was fidgety, straightening her shirt and adjusting her jewelry just one too many times. And she never smiled.

I felt bad for her because haven’t we all been there? Where we tried too hard, put a persona, or concentrated our energy on sucking our gut in.

Can we blame her?

The images all around us are dizzying: Bony models, diet plans, “skinny” foods, boob jobs, nips and tucks, etc. All in the name of being the “right” size, having a certain look, and finding the magic that will finally make you happy.

Is it any wonder that so many of us — especially women — are feeling screwed up about our body image?

How many times has our warped sense of the perfect human form stopped us in our tracks, kept us from pursuing our dream career and made us feel afraid to go up to someone and start a conversation?

I wanted to tell her: Darling, attraction begins on the inside.  It’s that glow from within that makes you sexy. What are you holding on to that’s covering that light? What’s the one thing you can do to free yourself from your misguided expectations and beliefs?

Because sweetheart, you may catch someone’s eye with flash, but it’s your heart and soul that seals the deal.


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  1. So true Cindy!

  2. You speak volumes… and at a well-modulated volume… my compliments.

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