To heal, first forgive

We’ve been conditioned to hang on to the hurts, the pains — whether it’s been inflicted on us or something we generated.

Those feelings stay with us, gnaw at us and sometimes eat us alive. They slow us down, make us think what we want is impossible, and then we’re stalled and afraid to break out of imaginary boxes.

What would it be like if we forgave ourselves — even just one little bit in one little area?

Forgive yourself:

  • For taking on more than you want to handle
  • For eating that second helping of dessert when you were already full
  • For yelling at your kids because you were exhausted and impatient
  • For not speaking up when someone said something discriminatory or tasteless
  • For hurting someone’s feelings
  • For saying yes when you meant no
  • For breaking your diet for the 23rd time
  • For going along with something because you didn’t want to be the odd person out
  • For saying nasty things about yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend

So please release the crud that’s weighing you down. Choose to let bygones be bygones and start over. New beginnings are always waiting for you.

Free yourself because the mental, physical and spiritual costs are just too high.


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  1. Love this and thank you. This is all so true!

  2. wooo

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