The power of feeling good

We’re always on the run.

Rushing to get to work on time. Chaperoning kids from one activity to the next. Figuring out what to make for dinner. Finding time to work out. And of course all the stuff that needs to be done around the house.

We check off our to-do lists and I suppose that’s one way to measure accomplishment, but I want to suggest another gauge: HOW DO YOU FEEL?

Do you feel good at the end of the day? Do you feel good about the direction you’re heading in life? In your career? In your relationships? In your health? In your spirit?

In our harried lives, we’ve forgotten what makes us feel good. We put our desires aside. We tell ourselves there’s plenty of time later on to focus on our needs. Maybe the better question to ask yourself is HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?

Do you even know? I didn’t, until I sat down and thought about it. It was powerful. You’ll see.

Right now, think of 5 ways you want to feel.

I’ll do it with you.

My 5 are: healthy, present, connected, sexy and purposeful.

Now try to match them up with what your day is like. Any alignments? If you said no, I bet you’re in the majority. But the beauty of this exercise is that you are now aware of what you want to feel, so start doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there.

Walk or bike to the store. Leave a lunchbox love note for your spouse or children. Spritz on your favorite perfume. Eat fruit instead of cookies for dessert. Ask that person out on a date. Start planning your spring and summer garden. Freshen up your resume because you can’t stand your current job. Take a 20-minute nap — the dishes aren’t going anywhere. Make love in the afternoon.

Let me know what you are going to do to feel good.


Wellness is about feeling good — mind, body and soul. It’s the path where you’ll begin to attract people and success with ease. Give me 90 days and I’ll help get you to your place of wellness. We can kick off with a free 30-minute session. Email me at


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  1. Happy, peaceful, energized, connected, strong, healthy, calm, loving, excited, bold, grateful…why stop at 5!

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