My story

I’m a daughter of immigrants. I was born in the U.S. and by all accounts have lived a very successful life so far. I graduated college, found a full-time job right away, got married and started a family. Typical stuff, right?

People and situations have always fascinated me, so I went into the news business. I’ve been a journalist for nearly 20 years and it’s been — and still is — a great ride, but I now want to use all my communication cred for something even more meaningful to me: help others who want to break out, create and move in a new direction.

As a coach, I use what I do best: interviewing you and gathering all the facts and details we need to get a picture of your current life. Then we’ll profile what the next chapter of your life will look like. After that, we’ll piece it all together into a new story.

Change is my specialty — after all, a new front page is created every day. If something doesn’t work or needs editing along the way, I will show you how to revise with ease.

My success brew is this: showing your authenticity, discovering meaningful work and generating wellness of the mind and body.

You want a new career? We are going to look beyond your skill set because those are not the best indicators.

Need help making your health a priority? We’ll dive into different options and map out a plan that you can stick with. (I’m partial to more veg, less meat and more organic.)

Can’t decide if you should become an entrepreneur? I’d be delighted to help you sort it out (again, lots of probing questions), and provide you with research and resources, and of course my personal experiences.

The journey won’t be quick, but it will be fulfilling. It won’t be punishing unless you resist uncovering blocks. Parts of it will be uncomfortable, but that’s the precursor to growth.

My philosophy is this: If you want change, I’ll help you get it. I’m going to push you to identify very specific goals and map out a go-get-it plan. I’m going to hold you accountable — but I always come at it with an open mind and heart.

Other deets:

— Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

— Studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

— Almost 20 years in the communications/publishing sector

— Mom, wife, dog owner

— On FB and Twitter a little too much

— Always in the middle of a self-help book

— Having trouble keeping up with Words With Friends games!

  1. Great page, Cindy. Probing questions, front pages, dogs, Words With Friends – you sound like my kind of people.

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