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My scale died — Hallelujah!

Actually I have two scales in my downstairs bathroom. One was made of clear glass with just a simple digital number panel. Don’t ask me why, but later I decided I needed one that could measure body fat.

Some days my mood was determined by the number that popped up. If I didn’t like the number, I’d tilt slightly to one side to see if went down. Or I just knew that taking my socks off would shave off o.1 pounds.

Can you say scale slave? I was trapped in an all or nothing mode, letting a machine decide whether I’ll have a good day or a crappy one. I let the scale determine how much I was going to beat myself up for sneaking in that bowl of ice cream the night before. I allowed my scale immense power over me, and you know what? IT DIDN’T HELP!

It didn’t get me to consistently eat less or healthier. It didn’t push to get to the gym more often. I still “cheated” on my diet and made excuses for why I did.

Here’s what I didn’t pay any attention to: HOW MY BODY FELT.

Like millions of others on diet programs, I read all the material and followed the directions. That turned me into a food robot. I was so busy counting fat grams, weighing my food and inputting everything I ate into a spreadsheet that I didn’t allow myself to assess how I was physically feeling.

I’m proposing a new focus for you: TO FEEL GOOD.

Let your body be the guide to that. Start learning to be intuitive. After you eat something, listen for your body’s response. Are you sluggish, wired, overly thirsty, bloated, still hungry? Mentally keep track of these messages. The amazing thing is that your body is really programmed to want to be fed well — like a well-oiled machine.

What will not be well-oiled right now are my scales. They will sit, broken and untouched — powerless.

Now tell me, how will you start applying body intuition?


When are you going to love your body?

For some people, the answer is that they never have. The images, comments and the peer pressure of having the perfect (whatever that means) body is so overwhelming. We’ve been trained from a young age to loathe certain parts of us, to live in fix-it mode and to be in conflict with our bodies.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating sitting on the couch all day, filling your body with crappy food and mentally zoning out.

What I AM saying is that you are a LIVING MASTERPIECE. Emphasis on the word LIVING.

Just like an artist, we can fine tune, emphasize, tone down or however you want to tweak, but this all takes place WHILE you are living — in the present.

WHILE you work on making a career change.

WHILE you say yes to speaking in front of an audience.

WHILE you make plans to go dancing.

WHILE you shop for clothes that fit and flatter (forget about the number on the label)

WHILE you put up a picture and profile on a dating site.

WHILE you are doing your best loving between the sheets.

We are in the habit of putting ourselves down in front of our friends and family. The thought that we can never do enough or be enough has become second nature. Then we justify putting our lives on hold until we get to just the right number on the scale or until we can squeeze into a pair of jeans we’ve been saving as “inspiration.”

I’ve been there, done that — until I figured out how much it was costing me: time, happiness, freedom, fun, opportunities, connections, deeper friendships, career changes.

What are you giving up while you’re waiting for just the “right” moment?


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